Purpose 2 Profits: $1497
This program was created for you to discover the very reason why you were created. To uncover your gifts and talents as you go from Purpose 2 Profits. In this 6 weeks online coaching course you will:
1.) Discover what’s holding you back
2.) Gain mental clarity
3.) Eliminate toxic baggage
4.) Increase your belief
5.) Identify your Gifts & Talents
6.) Build your plan,
7.) Identify your offer
8.) Identify your ideal clients
9.) Create your S.A.U.C.E

Boss Up Boot Camp $2997
This program was created to wake up the BOSS in you and to uncover your entrepreneurial skills as you create the life that you want while doing what you love.
In this 7 weeks online coaching course you will:
1.) Craft your offer that is irresistible to your ideal client
2.) Diagnose and discover your ideal client
3.) Learn How to use Juicy Attractions (How to hook the right client and keep them)
4.) Create your secret S.A.U.C.E. (Savvy, Authentic, Unique, Creative, & Effective System)
5.) Create your Success Funnel
6.) Brand the Brand
7.) Learn how to generate 7 streams of income from your business

Drop the Mic $697
Do you feel like you have a message in your belly?
Do you have a story to share with the rest of the world but don’t quite know how to deliver that story or message?
If that sounds like you, then register for my “Drop the Mic” as you own your stage on-line course.

Give me 6 weeks and I’ll show you how you can create a much bigger impact with your speaking – and earn a fantastic living doing what you love…

When you register for this training, you will learn my time proven secrets, processes and scripts for getting booked, getting paid – and creating a massive impact in the world. Learn exactly how to soar past being a good speaker to being an unforgettable speaker.