Martha Cooper-Hudson is a woman of greatness on a mission to help others realize their greatness within. She has been called to equip, inspire, motivate and empower women and a few good men to stand up, suit up and walk in their purpose. For over 10 years, Martha’s message has been and will continue to be: “When you Honor His purpose for your life, He will Honor his Promise.  Chase your Purpose and Prosperity will run you over.”

Martha built a multi-million dollar organization during her career in network marketing and became a highly sought after motivational speaker and trainer to individuals and companies around the United States. Her belief in hard work and dedication allowed her to start two highly profitable companies that have benefited the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The multi-talented businesswoman and author is rapidly emerging as one of the most dynamic life coaches and empowerment leaders.

Today she is proud to be releasing her brand new book entitled Chasing Purpose ” How to Operate in God’s Purpose versus Man’s Prescription for your life” and her rediscovHER program, which are the newest additions to her business resume of life-coaching programs and experiences she has developed.